Bridal shower games and activities

Holding a bridal shower? Try these five fun games and activities that’ll be sure to keep everyone laughing and smiling as you prepare for the big day.


1. Doubles Jenga or Tie the knot Jenga

Spice up this classic parlour game by pairing up guests to compete against one another as a couple. Add a bridal twist by tying the couples’ wrists together making it more difficult for the couples to play. Now two steady hands are required instead of one. Feel the tension and enjoy the laughter as the Jenga blocks slowly disappear. Teams play each other until there’s only one team left. Last couple remaining wins!

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2. The Undies Jar

Ask all your guests attending the bridal shower to bring a few styles of brand new underwear. Place the assorted underwear in a large clear vase or jar where everyone can see inside of it. Divide people into small groups to try and guess how many pairs of underwear is in the jar. Ideally tell your guests to bring underwear that is similar in colour which will make counting much more challenging.  The group with the closest guess wins!

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3. DIY Bridal Bingo

Create a bingo call sheet by having guests write in the blank squares of an empty bingo card with the bridal gifts they think the bride will receive.

Create the bingo play card using a heart or a star as the centre square indicating that it’s a free space. Give the guests sheets of small heart or star stickers to mark off the squares. When the gifts are being opened, guests will mark off the squares on their bingo cards as it corresponds to the gift being opened.  The first player with a completely marked off row wins!

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4. The Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

Before the bridal shower, have the groom complete a questionnaire with questions pertaining to the groom, bride and their relationship. Keep in mind, that the funnier the questions yield the best results. During the shower, the bride can answer the same questionnaire and guess what the groom’s answers might have been. For added fun, you can set up a Skype video call to watch the groom’s reaction to the bride’s answers!

Example questions include, where the couple met, annoying habits, favourite body parts or most embarrassing moments.

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5. TP Couture

With all the stress that comes with putting in hours upon hours into finding the perfect wedding dress, why not relieve some of that stress by designing a new one out of toilet paper?

Have guests play as individuals or teams to design the funkiest toilet paper wedding dresses that they can imagine. Everyone can let their inner designer out. After 20 minutes of creative bridal fashion, have your guests model them on a runway or catwalk. Let the bride-to-be choose the winner!

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